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   I would have to guess that most everyone loves curling up on the couch with a good action packed book. I know I do. With all the great adventure books that can be found on the newsstands, it gives me pleasure to invite you to also look at my selection of action books, short stories and the exciting Ryder Stone Adventure Series and much more. I have made these materials available in an easily downloadable PDF format.
   My desire as a writer is that the readers of my Books will not only be entertained, but also be inspired. So pick one that grabs your attention, download it and start the exciting journey of the imagination.

   Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you.

C.R. Evans



  C.R. 'Charlie' Evans is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas.  He is a life long story teller, who in his later life discovered the joys of writing. After Graduating, he began a four decade career as an aerospace engineer where his career took him around the world.  In his travels, he learned about numerous historical events at their actual locations and then along with some personal experiences and his imagination, he has written stories and books under the genre of Historical Fiction. 
   For twelve years he made Switzerland his home where much of his writing was done from a small village, called Lauterbrunnen, in the Alps.
    Today, he has returned to the States and is living in Longview, Texas where he is retired.

   To date, he has written a Viking Adventure Book, several short stories and has numerous other literary projects in the works.

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