My Good Reads 

by C.R. Evans

Ryder Stone Adventures

  Ryder Stone Series No. 1 
"In the Beginning"

In this first of the
adventure series, join Ryder and his best friend Steve Brumley as they experience the excitement of cool cars and fast motorcycles. Learn who Ryder is and see the events from life’s challenges that shape his character. Feel the thrilling anticipation as he is confronted and pressed into a race against a formidable opponent and see how Steve comes to his aid to give him the much needed edge.
Begin the journey and follow the thrilling ride of life as Ryder and Steve find themselves at the forefront of adventure.

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Ryder Stone Series No. 2

The action continues as Ryder and Steve work together to solve the mystery of a stolen motorcycle in  
"It Takes A Thief"  

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"It  Doesn't Get Much More Fun Than This"  

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